Myrobi is a place of its own where creativity is the currency we deal in. Our hand comprises of the five fingers of fashion, art, music, models and charity. Myrobi is controlled by a close Ministry and the following are their profiles:
Mort Slaving through the dark ages, from the depths of the mines of Myrobi, emerges Mort the Mastermind. Through the complex intricacies of the cogs of his mentality, he brings you the vision of a new city, his new city. The city which is held up by the pillars of lucid creativity, the city which is immersed by the waves of imaginative inspiration, the city where the Elixir of Genius is manufactured. There he stands with the two at his side. Mort, the Mastermind thinking out the revolution. There he stands, with the metaphorical shoulders to rival those of the great Titan, Atlas, he carries with him into the yellow sunlight, the city of Myrobi.
Zagaa Confined in the dark ages.Sat there, silent for an age.Unmoving. No words. Suddenly you see lights. Eyes in the dark. The illumination of raw thought behind bright eyes giving life to concepts, bringing you the manifestation of imagination. He sits there, wallowing in his dripping genius. The silent creator.The originator.Zagga.
Princess She walks through the wastelands looking like the personification of elegance itself. She’s as mysterious as her night time shadow. She weaves out sheets of fashion from the threads of colour she finds in the wastelands. She is the model of Myrobi. She is the epiphany of Mort’s passion and Zagaa’s silence. Princess is The Enchantress. She mesmerizes with every move, she captivates with her very presence and she conquers with her eloquent charm. Beware, mortals, for the female of the species is deadlier than the male.

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One of our branding partners. They have been our main printers for our range of "t-shonaries" (T-shirt dictionary).

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